opening hours:

Monday        6:30-8:15am and 3:30-7pm
Tuesday        CLOSED
Wednesday  6:30-8:15am and 3:30-7pm
Thursday      CLOSED
Friday            6:30-8:15am and 3:30-7pm
Saturday       CLOSED
Sunday          CLOSED

Until further notice.               Thank you

Dr Hall is currently unavailable.

Our locum is Dr John Smart. Please see a nurse if you need to update your script. For changes to your regime, you will need to make an appt with Dr Smart on 9477 3755.


for those with a drug dependency

Call 9901 4231 or email clinic@herbertstprivate.com.au

Our mission is to reduce the harm associated with problematic drug and alcohol use on individuals and their families.
Everybody has the right to quality of life. Addiction is a chronic relapsing condition that requires long-term intensive support.

Herbert St Private offers a drug substitution programme carried out under close monitoring with regular assessments.

     Flexibility of dosing hours means those people who work, have childcare needs or appointments to keep can arrive early, from 6:30am to 8:15am, or later on, from 3:30/4pm to 7:00pm.

    Update: see our revised opening hours above, due to the current Covid-19 Delta situation.

Our everyday care

Our dedicated team of Registered Nurses, all with extensive experience in the Drug & Alcohol field, are here to help and advise wherever practical.

    Our nurses monitor for stabilisation on daily medication until the patient reaches optimal dosing and regular doctor consultations are scheduled. 

Our Services include:

Drug Dependency treatment
GP Services
Harm reduction 
Detox and rehab referrals
Withdrawal regimes
Dental treatment assistance
Smoking cessation program
Psychologist referrals

Dr Janelle Hall

Dr Janelle is the clinic's Medical Director. 

    She is also a GP and is available for consultations by arrangement via SMS (messages only) on: 0499 993 689

    Dr Janelle is here on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesdays for consultations, Covid-19 situation permitting.

Fee structure

Our basic rates are $8 per dose and $10 per takeaway dose, payable at the time of dosing. We accept all major credit cards and EFTpos. When payments are made in advance, discounts may apply. 

Where to find us

Herbert St Private Clinic is part of the Herbert Street Community Centre (Royal North Shore Hospital)

2c Herbert St, St Leonards

Entrance in Lanceley Ave

Call 9901 4231
Treatment at a glance

At the commencement of treatment close monitoring is important for appropriate stabilisation. This allows nursing and medical staff to adapt treatment until such time as the right dose is obtained. When the optimal dose is reached, withdrawal symptoms and cravings should be controlled.

Herbert St Private is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality cost-effective drug dependency treatment. 

You are eligible under our program